Kevin Towers continues to test my faith with Bronson Arroyo rumors



Feb 5 — It has been rumored that the Diamondbacks are avidly kicking the tires on 36-year old Free Agent pitcher, Bronson Arroyo. I believe that this, if GM Kevin Towers does indeed sign Arroyo, would be awfully unnecessary for multiple reasons.

Reason 1: The Diamondbacks don’t really need to be beefing up the back end of their rotation, and that is essentially what they would be getting with Arroyo. Arroyo is a perennial low-4.00 high-3.00 ERA pitcher nearing the end of his career. Sources have also said that Arroyo is seeking a multi-year deal at age 36.

Reason 2: Arizona, I assume, would be overpaying Arroyo due to the scarcity of starting pitching left in Free Agency. Arizona could either spend money on Arroyo, or give the 5-spot in the rotation to Randall Delgado. Delgado posted 4.26 ERA in 116.1 innings last year. While that isn’t great, he’ll be doing that for far less money than Arroyo would. At 23-years old, it isn’t crazy to think that Delgado could improve throughout the year, whereas one could easily speculate based on previous years what Arroyo will bring to the table this season. I believe the Diamondbacks would be spending unnecessary money in signing Arroyo.  (more…)

D-backs acquire Mark Trumbo

145404829_crop_650x440[1]Dec 10 — Sources say the Diamondbacks have completed a three-way trade that sends left-field power bat, Mark Trumbo from Anaheim to Arizona. The trade sends Arizona’s OF Adam Eaton to the White Sox and LHP Tyler Skaggs to Anaheim.

Arizona acquires: OF Mark Trumbo and PTBNL (from LAA), and PTBNL (from CWS)
Anaheim acquires: LHP Tyler Skaggs (from ARI), LHP Hector Santiago (from CWS)
Chicago White Sox aqcuire: OF Adam Eaton (from ARI) (more…)

Heath Bell traded to Tampa Bay in multi-team deal

hbellDec 3 — To the pleasure of many Diamondback fans, the D-backs sent Heath Bell and $500,000 to the Tampa Bay Rays in a three-way trade. The trade involved Arizona, Tampa Bay and Cincinnati.

Arizona received: Minor League RHP Justin Choate and a player to be named later (from TB)
Tampa Bay received: C Ryan Hanigan (from CIN), RHP Heath Bell and $500,000 (from ARI)
Cincinnati received: Prospect LHP David Holmberg (from ARI) (more…)

Diamondbacks offseason rumors

KTNov 13 — David Price, Jeff Samardzija, and now Cy Young Award winner, Max Scherzer. These are a handful of big names that Kevin Towers has been reportedly interested in trading for, as if the Arizona Diamondbacks were a David Price, Jeff Samardzija, or Max Scherzer away from winning the World Series.

Acquiring one of these pitchers would not be easy, as many GMs are licking their chops at some of the Diamondbacks’ prospects. Arizona has a lot to offer, with the likes of the #1 ranked pitcher of all prospects, Archie Bradley, along with P Tyler Skaggs, SS Chris Owings, 3B Matt Davidson and more. (more…)

Sept. 9 – Game of the Day (PIT at TEX)

I had a busy weekend, so I didn’t write anything, but Yusmerio Petit almost threw a perfect game against the Diamondbacks. The NL Central race is heating up, as the Reds swept the Dodgers, and the Cardinals swept the Pirates. St. Louis took the lead in that division, as Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are tied for second, a game and a half back.

Game of the Day – Pittsburgh at Texas

This game features the Rangers’ ace, Yu Darvish, and Pittsburgh’s good young arm from UCLA, Gerrit Cole. Both teams sit 1.5 games out of first place in their division.

Sept 6. – Game of the Day (PIT vs. STL)

Last night was fun. I’m in a rush today so this will be very brief. The Reds won 6-2. Lots of solo homers and Aroldis Chapman was fun to watch.

Today’s Game of the Day – Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis

It’s a matchup of A.J. Burnett vs. Joe Kelly. These two teams are fighting for the top spot in the NL Central, with Pittsburgh up by a game and a half. I’m very excited for this series. Is this even worth posting? I don’t know. I’ll post it anyways.

Sept. 5 – Game of the Day (Reds vs. Cardinals)

Since I’ve neglected to write just about anything on this blog this year, and now that I have a good amount of free-time, I’ve decided to start doing a September-long “Game of the Day” feature. I will be choosing one game to watch all nine innings of and write about it. It is a very good possibility that this feature lasts about two days.

The things that influence my decision of which game to watch are:

  • Interesting pitchers – Carson Cistulli at Fangraphs posts a “Daily Notes” article every morning that gives watchability ratings for each game based on how exciting the starting pitcher and teams are. The NERD score that I tag pitchers with is a part of Cistulli’s watchability (NERD) rating.
  • Prospects – I will often watch a game because a prospect is making their debut, or playing in their first few MLB games.
  • Playoff implications – Everybody loves a good pennant race.
  • Unfamiliar teams – Sometimes I will watch a certain game featuring teams that I do not normally watch.

Today’s Game of the Day is Cincinnati vs. St. Louis. 7:10 EST (more…)

MLB’s Best Uniforms in 2013

Throughout my life as a baseball fan, I have grown accustomed to being quite the uniform critic. I also enjoy ranking things. Naturally, I’ve decided to rank the top 30 MLB home uniforms from worst to best, based solely on how I feel about them. I will provide an analysis for each uniform, highlighting what I like and/or dislike about it.  (more…)

My take on trading Justin Upton

Optimized-Justin-Upton-1024x680Jan 23 — Arizona’s general manager, Kevin Towers, has spent the entirety of the offseason trying to trade starting right fielder, Justin Upton. Upton, who finished fourth in MVP voting in 2011, had a down year in 2012 in the midst of battling a lingering thumb injury. In Upton’s down year he still managed to hit .280 with an OBP of .355, while driving in 67 runs and hitting 17 homers. There are a lot of things I don’t like about the Diamondbacks trading Upton. (more…)

D-backs 9, Phillies 5

Apr 23

D-backs 9, Braves 5
D-backs (9-8 — W2) games I’ve watched this season: 17/17
Full games: 11
Streak: 68
Record when watching: 9-8


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